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  Selection Technique of Insulating Glass Production Line

  Insulating glass production line selection can be considered from the following aspects

  1. According to the size of the hollow production line

  In accordance with the hollow glass processing size, now on the market insulating glass production line specifications are roughly divided into 1.8m, 2.2m, 2.5m and 2.7m, buyers can process their own glass manufacturers to purchase size. If the project is only for windows and doors works, select 2.2 meters below the insulating glass production line can fully meet the engineering customer demand for insulating glass. If the main curtain wall works, should choose more than 2.2 meters above the hollow line, or large glass will not be resolved.

  2. According to the type of hollow piece of the production line

  In accordance with the type of film, insulating glass production line is divided into outside the film, the film within and outside the joint-type three types. The advantage of the outer piece is that it can process hollow glass with built-in spacers and inner-leaf shutters. The advantages of both inside and outside a piece of film for both inside and outside the film and the function and advantages, suitable for any form of insulating glass, if sufficient funds, it is recommended to choose this type of insulating glass production line; And the performance is relatively stable, accurate positioning, can produce hollow glass pieces, while the outer piece can not be processed, the other way within the hollow piece of the film is relatively low cost, more economical, consistent with the start of the hollow glass production Manufacturers use.

  3. According to the production efficiency of the hollow production line

  Vertical hollow glass production line production capacity of up to 1,000 a day or so, horizontal hollow line production efficiency is relatively low, compared with the vertical gap of 50%, but also take up more labor, is out of the model. In contrast, vertical hollow line all the advantages of more obvious.

  4. According to the purchase cost of hollow production line

  In the insulating glass production process, some processes can be achieved by artificial, such as cutting glass, two-component gel, molecular sieve filling can be achieved by hand. If the early financial difficulties, you can temporarily configure the relevant equipment, but in order to make qualified insulating glass, an essential vertical insulating glass production line and butyl rubber coating machine is essential. Of course, high-quality hollow glass is not superior performance of the insulating glass equipment is difficult to achieve.