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  About Parker

  Parker machine was founded in 2003, is headquartered in Jinan, China Hi-tech Development Zone, as the industry's high-tech enterprises have been committed to the world to provide high-end insulating glass intelligent equipment and digital system services. Parker has become the hollow glass equipment manufacturing industry's flagship brand. Park Industrial Park, set research and development, manufacturing, services and personnel training in one, has become the world's high-end intelligent insulating glass equipment manufacturing base.

  Master the core technology

  Parker machines have the core technology. With the German professional R & D institutions and internationally renowned brands in-depth technical cooperation, with glass cutting machine assembly, and so on more than 50 national patents, Parker R & D institutions have been assessed as "provincial technology center." CNC products exclusive realization of the global remote diagnosis, system maintenance and operation of integrated services, high-end digital intelligent insulating glass equipment processing speed is the world's fastest in the industry reputation.

  Practice innovation-driven

  Innovation is Parker eternal corporate culture gene. The implementation of a unified European manufacturing standards, strict pursuit of "zero defect" to achieve continuous quality improvement and value upgrade. To achieve a "from the intelligence, to the pipeline," the perfect sublimation.

  Market globalization

  Parker machinery exports to the world more than 70 countries and regions, and in the United States, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and other places to establish a regional branch. Products have adopted a strict EU CE, the United States UL, Canada CSA certification, has become the world's professional insulating glass equipment manufacturing services.

  "9M" enterprise ecological management system

  Parker's pioneering "9M Enterprise Eco-Management System" has become the new engine that leads the industry to manufacture, optimize and innovate. It is widely used in the industry. "Standardization, simplicity, universal" the essence of the system, continue to create extraordinary value for customers.

  Internet + user experience


  Parker machines to subvert the traditional mode of operation, innovation and sustainable development of network strategy, build user experience open platform, to create the Internet era of outstanding international brand.