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Insulating Glass Making Machine Maintenance

2017-08-04  Author:PARKER Insulating Glass Machine  Click times:0
Vertical insulating glass making line is the high-end equipment in glass industriy, also getting more and more popular. Before buy the machine, many customer have a carefully investigation about the company background, machine’ s structure, spare part brand ect, but in the daily manufacturing, it is easy to ignore the machine’s maintenance, only rely on the after-sale service.
Machine’s maintenance will keep the machine in a good working condition, also reduce the possibility of the breakdown and abrasion, improve the machine lifetime. As the saying goes, “Sharp tools make good work”. Today Parker will share the tips about how to maintenance the insulating glass making machine:
1. Attentions
(1) Must grinding the glass surface before washing, otherwise will hurt the spare part in your machine.
(2) Make sure the water tank is full of water and good water quality.
(3) Adjust the water temperature controller according to the real condition, usually the temperature between 15-50℃, add the neutral detergent which will lead to the best washing effect.
(4) Adjust the continuously variable transmission, according to the dirt level to set the transfer speed.(Our suggest is about 3m/min)
(5) When washing the glass whose thickness is 3-12mm, is a normal phenomenon the glass edge have tiny drops ofwater after drying.
(6) After the installation and adjustment, please follow the operation instructions test the machine. If the glass broken because the speed, must stop it immediately and clean up to avoid damage of the brush and transfer roller.
(7) Ensure the machine must be well grounded.
2. Machine Maintenance
To make sure the machine working at good condition, we should pay attention to the daily maintenance, if have any exceptions, should stop it and check immediately. Restart after troubleshooting.
(1) Transfer system maintenance:
All kinds of bearings, chain wheel and gear add calcium base grease regular, the cycloidal-pin wheel and reducer add calcium base grease every half year, the continuously variable transmission change the Ub—l or Ub—3 lubricant every half year. Check the oil level often and keep it above the center line.
(2) Water tank maintenance:
Changed The circulating waterevery day, clean the tank per week. Keep a check on the spout, clean it if block up.
(3) Fan maintenance:
Check the fan regularly, please stop immediatelyif there is any abnormal sound; Clean the filter grid regularly, reduce resistance, improve the glass surface cleanliness level after dry.
Above is the basic principle and maintenance of the vertical insulating glass making line. We should check regularly, maintenance regularly to reach the best using condition.
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