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High-end hollow glass equipment, Parker machines to the world

2016-09-23  Author:PARKER Insulating Glass Machine  Click times:0

  At present, the market share of insulating glass equipment in the low-end hollow glass equipment market is still relatively large, especially in the domestic production enterprises, general brand awareness is not strong, low-cost market competition, making the profit margins greatly compressed production companies, cash flow difficulties. The demand for high-end insulating glass equipment is more than enough. Most of the hollow glass equipment enterprises, in order to meet the market low-end, low-cost demand, but also equipment development and quality of cutting corners, making the use of insulating glass equipment, life, service seriously shrink. Low cost, the impact of the hollow glass equipment industry as a whole to enhance the level of some small-scale low-end doors and windows plant, shot for a place, or even closed, to the production of long-term stable production caused serious problems.

  At the beginning of Parker machine business, it established the insulating glass equipment "high" and "fine" and "sharp" development road, so hollow glass equipment, high-end brand equipment. Although the high-end line of insulating glass equipment, the strategy, so that enterprises in the early stages of market development has encountered great resistance to the loss of some low-end windows and doors equipment market, but two decades of persistence, look back to start with most of the doors and windows equipment business, In the competition continue to disappear. Parker high-end doors and windows equipment and gradually occupied the domestic high-end hollow glass equipment, over the years and Hebei Aurun Shunda, Beijing Jiayu, Shandong Huajian, Baicheng, Baolong of Swan, in the construction of seven in the car and other domestic nearly Hundreds of enterprises to form a strategic partnership for China's doors and windows curtain wall model factories, access to market recognition, but also to the successful occupation of cooperative enterprises in the domestic high-end windows and doors production areas, has become China's most competitive windows and doors manufacturing enterprises.

  Parker high-end hollow glass equipment to occupy the domestic high-end doors and windows equipment market at the same time, the international market development is further accelerated, until now has been exported to more than 70 countries and regions. With the core technology and independent intellectual property rights of high-end insulating glass equipment, has been to the world, exports to Europe and the United States developed countries and regions, on behalf of China to participate in the doors and windows equipment manufacturing international competition.

  China's high-end hollow glass equipment to the world, the achievements Parker brand but also for China's hollow glass equipment business provides the future development can learn from experience.

  And the world simultaneously, has become China's high-end hollow glass equipment development concept!