Low-E film removing machine

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3-Axis Glass Film Removing Machine AM222527-A3

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Feature and Parameters

Product introduction:

The use of the British Tsui European motion controller with Japan's superior performance Panasonic system, the user interface with vinylon touch screen, the parameter input is simple and easy to operate.


  1. The use of the British Tsui European motion controller with Japan's superior performance Panasonic system, the user interface with vinylon touch screen, the parameter input is simple and easy to operate.

  2. Touch screen graphics to select graphical, real-time processing status monitoring.

  3 .. axis servo linkage processing positioning.

  4. Automatically monitor the processing of glass size (regular shape)

  5. Linear guide rail positioning system to improve machining accuracy

  6. Automatic identification of Low-E and coated glass film surface.

  7. Automatic dust removal function

  8. Automatic correction wheel, automatic calibration wheel

  9. Auxiliary transmission section using frequency conversion motor auxiliary transmission, stable and reliable.

  10. Back to the plate using laser cutting CNC bending steel plate spray technology, high strength, good vision, not easily deformed.

  11. Seamless connection Matching various vertical glass production lines.

  Technical Parameters:

  Power supply:                                                 380V 50HZ

  Transmission speed:                                   30m / min

  In addition to film speed:                              0-30m / min

  In addition to film width:                                0-150mm

  Grinding wheel size:                                      200 × 76.2 × 10mm

  Machining accuracy:                                      ± 0.3mm

  Working pressure:                                         0.5-0.8Mpa

  Air consumption:                                           120L / min

  Working height of glass:                              520mm

  Processing of glass size:                            min 350 × 500mm max 2200 × 3000mm

  Processing glass thickness:                      5-15mm

  Appearance size:                                          8200 × 2500 × 3400mm

  Total weight:                                                  about 2600KG

  Total power:                                                   3.7KW

  Transmission motor:                                   0.75KW

  Grinding head lifting motor:                        1.5KW

  Suction cup conveying motor:                    0.75KW

  Grinding head rotating motor:                    0.75KW

  Vacuum cleaner motor:                               1.1KW