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Glass Edging Machine EF95

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Feature and Parameters

Product introduction:

Edge Finish Machine (EF95) is one of insulating glass process line corollary equipment which designed by our company.


  1.Edge Finish Machine (EF95) is one of insulating glass process line corollary equipment which designed by our company.

  2.It has many advantages: high efficiency; high automation degree; humanization design; small floor space and etc. It is advanced in the glass machine fabrication field at home and abroad.

  3.Whole line work frame passes several strength calculation and load bearing strength analysis, which is welding by high strength rectangle tube.

  4.After work frame passes acid cleaning, phosphatization and artificial aging treatment, we will spray-paint.

  5.This machine adopts double-Belt Grinding that can be carried out on all sides of the glass polishing and is used simply. When you are operating the machine, you only slam the pedal valve to polish the sides of glass, which is operated easily. Pneumatic system adopts imported pneumatic component, which has long lifetime, easy to maintain, filter water automatically; drop water and auto lubrication function.


  Voltage: 380V 50HZ

  Air pressure: 0.6Mpa

  Power 1.1kw

  Glass Dimension: Max.2000×2000mm

  Edge polishing Speed: 150-300mm/s

  Overall dimension: 2000mm x 1010mm x 1500mm(L x W x H)