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Butyl Coating Machine ZT-01

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Feature and Parameters

Product introduction:

Controlled by PLC.Touching screen is imported from Japan famous brand to make the operation convenient.


  1.Controlled by PLC.

  2.Touching screen is imported from Japan famous brand to make the operation convenient.

  3.There are 5 different conveying speed to be well applied.

  4.The width of aluminum spacer bar can be measured and adjusted automatically.

  5.Butyl spreading is well-proportioned and the linearity is good.

  6.Temperature and pressure can adjust automatically. Also time of pre-heating can be set, then the machine can be turned on and off automatically.

  7.Adopting the imported hydraulic and pneumatic supercharging system makes sure of the stability and continuity of the glue.

  8.The glue jar warning system will make alarm when glue material is used up.

  9.Advanced device guarantees and best spreading effect on the arc aluminium frame.


  Voltage: 380V 50HZ

  Power: 3.75KW

  Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

  Air consumption: 100L/min

  Transmit speed: 0-30m/min

  Working speed: 15-30m/min

  Capacity of glue tank 14L

  Temperature: 110-140°C

  Squeeze pressure: 6-20Mpa

  Adjustable range: 6-19.5mm

  Overall dimension: 3000mm x 680mm x 1080mm

  Weight: 500kg