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Insulating Glass Production Line IGV25-S

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Feature and Parameters

Product introduction:

The electric component, sensor and PLC auto-controlling is imported low power supply;


  1.The electric component, sensor and PLC auto-controlling is imported low power supply;

  2.The appliance is efficient for the operator can input the order continuously;

  3.Touching screen is imported originally. It is easy to operate. The process and fault can be showed automatically;

  4.It is controlled by punctuated system which is energy-saving. The inspecting and combining speed up when other non operating parts are intelligent-asleep;

  5.It can produce big and small scale insulating glass(Optional)

  6.Cleaning Part is consisted of stainless steels. Three pairs of brush can work separately. It can recognize the LOW-E glass automatically. So it can protect the LOW-E glass from scratching.

  7.This machine adopts inverter control transmission motor. So it can easily slow down and accelerate.

  8.This machine has the self- diagnosis function, which is easy for check the error.

  9.Germanic technology is adopted in the whole line and main components are imported from world famous brand since it will be stable, convenient to maintain, and easy to handle.

  10.Insulating glass like standard glass, overlength glass, coated glass, low-E glass, big and small glass, varity glass, special shape glass, triple glass, etc can be produced.

  11.The carbon steel plate with high strength and accuracy is adopted as the whole back plate, since it’s laser cut and CNC bent with high strength and easy to install.

  12.The convey part is equipped with safe guard for easier maintenance and safety.



  Voltage: 380V 50HZ

  Power: 20.5KW

  Air consumption: 260L/min

  Max. process dimension: 2500mm x 3200mm

  Min. process dimension: 250mm x 450mm

  Max. thickness: 40mm

  Washing Glass Thickness: 3-25mm

  Convey speed: 12-40m/min

  Cleaning Speed: 0-8m/min

  Max. processing speed: 40m/min

  Overall dimension: 23000mm x 3000mm x 3600mm